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The Top 5 Auto AC Repair Tips To Beat the Heat

Summers are here and we all know what this means. High and scorching temperatures that make it hard to step outside. You feel as if you’re walking on hot coals. But we are lucky that we have our air conditioning systems. They keep us comfortable and cool during our daily commutes. But, what to do when your vehicle’s air conditioning system decides to give up, especially when you need it the most? Don’t worry! In this blog, we’ll walk you through what are the top 5 auto ac repair tips. These are tips that you should know in case your air conditioning gives up on you. This will allow you to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system in top shape at all times. 

1. Feel the Temperature

Imagine that your AC is blowing air, but instead of the cool breeze that you want from it and expect from it, it’s the kind of hot air used to dry yourself with a hairdryer. Feeling the warm air instead of the chill air is a clear sign that your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t working. Now this could be happening because of two possible reasons.

  1. A refrigerant leak: This means that the container isn’t holding the gas which is converted into the cool air that the air conditioning should provide.
  2. A faulty Compressor: The second reason could be that the compressor attached to the refrigerant tank is malfunctioning.

A leak or a faulty compressor can compromise the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Make sure you have it checked immediately by a professional who can not only diagnose the vehicle issue but also fix it.

2. Listen to your vehicle

Picture this: you turn on the air conditioning of the vehicle and instead of the refreshing cold air, you are greeted by a strange noise akin to a monster groaning. That is a clear sign that something is definitely not right. In a way, your vehicle’s air conditioning is trying to communicate with you that it needs to be looked at as soon as possible. When you notice these unusual noises coming from the air conditioning don’t ignore them. Get your vehicle to your trusted auto repair shop immediately so they can take a look and fix it!

3. Clean And Replace Your Air Filters

With consistent use, the air filters often get clogged with dust, pollen, and other debris. This results in reduced performance of the air conditioning system. The air filters are essential as they help in maintaining and controlling the air quality and the airflow. Not only that, they also make sure that no dirt or debris enters the vehicle. Make it a habit to check and clean your filters regularly. A simple wash should do the trick. Otherwise, get in touch with an auto AC repair expert if you feel that your vehicle’s air filters require professional cleaning or need to be replaced. Do it and feel the difference yourself! 

4. Sniff the Strange Odours

If you turn on the AC and are greeted by a strange and foul smell, it can mean bad news! This may be caused by bacteria or mold building up and settling in the air conditioning system. The air conditioning system functions to remove moisture from the air in order to dehumidify it. Through the drain line, the condensed water drips out. Sometimes if that drain line gets clogged it traps the stagnant water which allows the bacteria to grow. The smell doesn’t only affect your olfactory senses but could also cause or lead to potential health issues. This is why it’s important to have your air conditioning system professionally cleaned and disinfected from time to time. It’s good for the vehicle for sure, but even better for your personal health.

5. Schedule Regular Maintenance

It’s not necessary to only have your vehicle checked up when and if you sense a problem. Regular maintenance plays a big role in the long-term efficiency of the vehicle. Just like every other component of your car, it is key to regularly maintain and repair your AC system as well. Having it inspected every time you visit the repair shop is a good way to ensure that it performs smoothly during the summer season when you need it the most.

So, you must schedule routine check-ups of your vehicle. This will allow your technician to inspect, clean, and service your vehicle and the air conditioning system. This will also help in preventing any potential problems that you might face. So, by getting them diagnosed before they cause hindrance to you will save you from trouble later on. As they say, prevention is better than cure. You must get your air conditioning system checked up before the start of the summer. The mechanic can check for any leaks and also recharge the refrigerant if required so it works efficiently for you!

With that, you are completely armed with the top five auto AC repair tips. These will allow you to keep cool and calm during the peak summer months. Remember, listen to your vehicle, pay attention to any odd smells, and keep an eye out for warning signals. Regular maintenance is the secret to ensuring that your air conditioning system stays in top-notch condition at all times. Especially during the summer season. If you do this, you don’t have to worry about breaking a sweat while driving. Your air conditioning system will make sure that you don’t feel the heat!

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